Why the Raspberry Pi is Needed During the Pandemic

Recent sales spikes reveal ways technology can help during a crisis

Why are Raspberry Pis flying off of the shelf? March saw the second highest sales figures in the Pi’s history. There are a number of reasons as for why Raspberry Pis are seeing an increase in demand in the pandemic. With the tumultuous shift -caused by COVID19 — to work from home, homeschooling, and the increase in demand for top-notch, fast and efficient patient care, IT needs a solution, and they’re quickly turning to Raspberry Pis as a part of that solution.

Capable of connecting workers with virtual desktops, performing as excellent homeschooling devices, and acting as conduits for next-evolution IoT technology, the Raspberry Pi combined with Cloud, VDI and IoT technologies is just what is needed during a pandemic.

The Raspberry Pi is an ideal solution for challenges caused by the pandemic

Let’s look into what is perhaps the most pressing issue — combating the medical challenges now posed to healthcare organizations around the country. Raspberry Pis can help with this. Although there are a plethora of use cases for Raspberry Pis as IoT devices, (something often referred to as IoMT or the Internet of Medical Things), a few use cases in particular stand out.

Medical researchers in Colombia, for example, are testing an open-source ventilator design made with Raspberry Pis and commonplace parts found at local stores.

Also ideal for work from home

Another way that companies and organizations are taking advantage of the Raspberry Pi motherboard is to enable work from home. This low cost motherboard can be easily deployed at remote locations, such as at the homes of employees. This can be done quickly without the presence of IT help. Software solutions like Stratodesk NoTouch software are able to quickly deploy onto endpoints, anywhere in the world. Once deployed, they are quickly connected to your NoTouch Center management. The benefits of having an advanced, Linux-based management solution for your remote endpoints stem from reduced IT costs and overhead, increased security, and greater flexibility of deployment.

Raspberry Pis for homeschooling

The Raspberry Pi has come full circle! Originally perceived as an educational device, the Raspberry Pi continues to be an excellent way to continue learning from anywhere. Schools can quickly deploy Raspberry Pis to their families’ homes. This is an excellent way to continue education for any home. For starters, the Raspberry Pi is a great way for people to learn more about coding and computer science. With solutions like Stratodesk software, however, your basic Raspberry Pi device can be turned into a computer capable of delivering virtual apps and desktops.

The role of the Raspberry Pi in the pandemic

Although a growing phenomenon beforehand, the pandemic has made it clearer to see than ever before — the way we do work has forever changed. As enterprises and IT seek to cope, alternative devices and complementary software-based solutions able to power and manage them become increasingly essential.

This is why Stratodesk pioneered using the Raspberry Pi as an enterprise grade endpoint device. This included our work on the groundbreaking project, the Citrix Ready workspace hub. The workspace hub project sought to provide a real, ready out of the box enterprise grade endpoint that could be deployed anywhere in the world.

More recently, Stratodesk announced day one support for the new and revolutionary Raspberry Pi 4.

Our software runs on the Raspberry Pi as easily as it runs on x86 devices, and manages both kinds of devices fluidly in the same management solution. Thanks to advancements made to Stratodesk software, seamlessly managing both devices side-by-side is now easier than ever.

Originally published at https://www.stratodesk.com on April 23, 2020.

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