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Stratodesk’s mission is this–to bring VDI the best endpoint OS and managment solution. Which is why we created NoTouch Desktop: the #1 easiest-to-use endpoint management software and OS.

NoTouch Desktop is our flagship suite of products designed to save your business both time and money. By repurposing PCs into fully functioning thin endpoints, we remove the need to invest large amounts of money into capital purchases of hardware. Because NoTouch OS, the Linux based OS, is hardware agnostic, you can install it onto any endpoint device, old or new. Meanwhile our enterprise grade management software, NoTouch Center, is specifically designed to make managing your endpoints as painless as possible. Manage thousands of devices from one browser, create groups, and handle certs all with first-in-class user experience and superb customer support.

What’s more, NoTouch Center allows you to effectively manage mixed environments –not only those consisting of Thin clients, PCs, Intel NUCs and Compute Cards, but also of the new HDX Ready Raspberry Pi Thin Client.

We’ve gone above and beyond our mission of bringing you the best endpoint OS and managment solution on the market by becoming the operating system for the new Citrix HDX Ready Pi. Through our partnership with Citrix and OEM partners ViewSonic and NComputing, we are able to bring you the world’s first ever, enterprise grade, Raspberry Pi Thin Client.

When we say the HDX Ready Pi is enterprise ready, we mean exactly that –all the features that you would expect from a premium endpoint are supported. This means Dual View, Multi-Monitor Display, Skype for Business and H.264 –all on the Raspberry Pi!

All of that for the low cost of around $100 makes one wonder what bloated, traditional Thin Client manufacturers are going to do once the Raspberry Pi takes over as the endpoint of choice. The Citrix HDX Ready Pi literally has everything you could ask for from a premier Thin Client at a fraction of the cost.

It has been beyond exciting to work alongside Citrix in creating this game changing device. The HDX Ready Pi is powered by NoTouch OS –we are the operating system that makes the HDX Ready Pi possible and easy to use. What’s more, when you purchase the HDX Ready Pi, it comes with the easy-to-use managment software, NoTouch Center, at no added cost!

Seamlessly manage your VDI environment of either all Pi devices or some Pi and some PCs the same as you would your existing VDI thanks to NoTouch Center and NoTouch OS.

It turns out that an added advantage of using the Raspberry Pi as a Thin Client is security. While some ARM CPUs are affected by Meltdown and Spectre, the ARM Cortex A53 used in the Raspberry Pi 3 is not. For this reason, your Raspberry Pi based Thin Client that runs on NoTouch OS is totally immune to both Meltdown and Spectre.

NoTouch Desktop also helps prevent common security threats AND Metldown and Spectre by preventing anyone from running third party applications on local devices. NoTouch OS is designed with security in mind. It protects not only against Spectre and Meltdown, but also against many other potential attack vectors that might hit desktop PCs or even repurposed or locked-down Windows PCs.

In addition to making the Raspberry Pi endpoint a possibility, we are empowering our customers by supporting BYOD.

Studies have shown that allowing users to bring their own devices into the workplace actually increases employee satisfaction. The evolving workforce expects to bring their own, personal devices to work, and even report that using personal devices increases their productivity.

Cost effectiveness might also be another reason for companies to opt-into a BYOD policy. Every personal computer that an employee is able to use is one less PC, laptop or Thin Client that needs to be purchased.

Which is why NoTouch Desktop enables workers to access their VDI network anywhere –either on company devices or personal laptops. Simply run NoTouch OS in Live Boot mode from a USB stick and –voila! –access all your important files at home or on the go.

Our latest and most updated Graphical User Interface brings one modern look and feel to our product suite. Do things like sort groups, drag and drop certs, and configure endpoints on both the admin and local level seamlessly with one standard and universal interface.

Who Are Our Customers?

Many companies, organizations and enterprises can benefit from NoTouch Desktop. Most commonly they are:


Healthcare organizations get a lot out of a VDI. Because doctors are on the go, moving from patient to patient, it doesn’t make sense for them to carry around computers with their own OS installed on them. Laws that restrict the use and storage of important patient information makes it necessary for doctors to store information on a secure server and not on the local level. This is to prevent misappropriation in case end devices are lost, stolen, or in some other way compromised.

Those working in Healthcare also know how important it is to save time –even seconds make all the difference. Time saved can mean lives saved, which is why NoTouch OS enables Imprivata Single Sign On, Fast User Switching, and Fingerprint Authentication.

Companies that Outsource and Retail Companies both benefit from NoTouch Desktop

If you regularly engage with contractors or outsourced workers that require access to important company information, it doesn’t make sense to give those external endpoints access to your data. Doing so would open up a huge security leak for your company. Devices can be stolen, information can be mishandled, and without a powerful management solution, you would be totally in the dark. The same thing applies to companies that have a large or dedicated pool of telecommuters.

Similarly, if you are a major retail chain, you’ll need to allow stores access to their work without opening up security exploits.


Many colleges, universities and other educational institutions have made the switch to VDI. It offers a real and tangible way for universities and educational institutions to offer more computers to their student body. For this university, switching to a VDI was the answer to increasing the number of computers on campus.


Government organizations have a lot of moving parts. Sometimes multiple offices will need access to the same server. Managing top secret, government information in the VDI can be a nightmare. Luckily, NoTouch Center can help with that. NoTouch Center makes it easy for Government entities to manage all of their endpoints all from one browser while keeping their servers secure.

Be A Part of Our Story as We Work to Unlock the Full Effect of your VDI!

This a truly exciting time not only for Stratodesk but for anyone working in or with VDI technology. And Stratodesk is at the center of that shift, thanks to our partnership with Citrix, and the ever increasing demand for the HDX Ready Pi. We are growing our team on both sides of the Atlantic, with offices in Austria, and now two offices in the San Francisco Bay area. We continue to serve our customers with the best customer support available, while constantly updating and improving our software with new features.

We’re excited to be a part of the discussion on Medium, and you can expect more big things from us to come. Follow us here, checkout our blog, and follow us on Twitter to stay current with all things NoTouch Desktop!


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